It must have been love…

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 

I don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but it happened to me a few times now. And it is the weirdest thing. We met, we liked each other, we went on a few dates, we had sex, we said the L-word...we fell in love. After a year we became closer, we trusted each other, we were together all the time, we were happy, it was like a fairy tale.

Then suddenly the fairy tale became drama. He stopped calling me as much, when I wanted to hang out he was always busy, he wasn’t as nice to me. I started to get angry at him and his new ways. So when we were together we were fighting, then we made up, then fought again. After a while it was clear that this relationship had no future. I don’t know if he was with another girl or he just became bored with me, he didn’t tell me the reason. And we broke up.

I moved on, then I met another guy. We weren’t together even a year and the same thing happened. I was heartbroken, but I moved on again and again only to have the same experience. They always said “It’s not you, it’s me”. And I believed them. But now I wonder. Is it me? Am I pushing them away? Maybe I should just give up and accept that I am not a girlfriend material. Or maybe all the guys are the same and I should just live my life with no expectations.


I love writing stories. I believe that the more personal they are, the better. Hope you like my stories and relate to them.