The Not So Bad Story 

Photo by Nadya

This is my story, the story that taught me that it is never too late to chase your dream and change your life.

It was a hot summer, I was drinking beer on the beach during my summer vacation. And it hit me – I really wanted to be Zumba instructor. One month later I went to a Zumba instructor training, I got my license and it all started. My colleagues and friends supported me in my classes and two months later I was a successful Zumba instructor with beautiful group, full of energy and enthused people, who loved my classes. It was a dream come true.

So far, so good. Not a big deal, you may say. But it was really a big deal for me. First, I was never a girl, who liked sports. On the opposite, I was overweight, 33-years old and all my life I've been working as a journalist. There were people who said that my dream is stupid and impossible. And I am so glad that I proved them wrong. Now you see why my new job and my new passion is a really big deal.

There was one time during my class when I looked at the mirror and saw that all my students were smiling and enjoying the music, the dances and were happy. I made them happy. I remember this was the moment I realized the biggest lesson in my life. It is never too late to make your dream come true, everyone has the right to have a dream and chase it. And anyone who tells you that your dream is stupid or you are not good enough is wrong.

Now I have more dreams, some crazy onessome boring ones and some impossible ones. But I promise you, when I make them come true, I will tell you about it. 


Hey, guys!

I am Nadya and I love talking about myself, so you're gonna be hearing from me a lot ;)
I am crazy redhead, who adores her friends, loves to travel (but doesn’t do it enough) and is as honest as the day is long.

See you around!