Upside Down Right Side Up

Image by rony michaud from Pixabay

Life is like a flower, you have to water your life for it to grow and prosper. I heard these words from the man I called my father.

My dad was battling Alzheimer's disease and could hardly complete a full sentence. One morning he came and sat on the backyard patio behind me watching me oil paint. At one moment he suddenly broke through his silent world with words that said millions about life and how to sustain your life.

I responded to him saying he was absolutely right. It actually was perfectly stated and verbalized by a father stricken with Alzheimer's disease.

My mother wanted to make memories for their kids to carry through life when they were gone. I don't know if my father knew the impact his words had on me. They have changed my perception of the thing called life and how to care for one's own life.

These words were “Water, just water your life”...