Which Walking Dead Character Are You? 🧟‍

Reveal your zombie-fighting counterpart

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead to discover which character's survival instincts and traits align with your own.

Answer the following eight questions to reveal your zombie-fighting counterpart.

🧟‍ How do you handle challenges and danger in a crisis?
I stay calm and collected, making rational decisions.I rely on my resourcefulness and quick thinking.I prioritize protecting my loved ones at all costs.I gather information and make calculated decisions.I approach challenges with strength and determination.I use my intellect and strategy to overcome obstacles.
🧟‍ What's your approach to forming alliances with other survivors?
I value teamwork and believe in supporting allies.I'm cautious and selective about who I trust.I prioritize my own survival and interests.I form alliances strategically to achieve goals.I'm a natural leader who commands respect and loyalty.I'm analytical and consider the benefits of alliances.
🧟‍ What role do you play within a group of survivors?
The calming and rational voice of reason.The resourceful and quick-thinking problem solver.The protector who ensures the safety of loved ones.The strategist who plans and makes decisions.The strong and fearless leader.The intelligent and analytical thinker.
🧟‍ How do you handle conflicts within the group?
I mediate and strive for peaceful resolutions.I use my intelligence to outmaneuver opponents.I prioritize protecting my loved ones, even if it means confrontation.I gather information and make informed decisions.I confront conflicts head-on with strength.I use my intellect to find solutions and compromise.
🧟‍ What's your outlook on the future in a post-apocalyptic world?
I believe in rebuilding society and creating a better future.I see survival as the ultimate goal, no matter the cost.I prioritize protecting my loved ones and finding safety.I understand the importance of planning and preparation.I see myself as a leader who can shape the new world.I believe in uncovering hidden truths and understanding the situation.
🧟‍ How do you handle loss and tragedy in a world overrun by zombies?
I grieve and process my emotions in a healthy way.I channel my grief into action and staying focused.I protect and prioritize the safety of my loved ones.I analyze the situation and make strategic decisions.I use my strength to keep moving forward.I analyze the situation and find ways to adapt and survive.

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