Jill, Ada, Sherry, Claire... Which Resident Evil heroine are you?

Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin, Excella Gionne - we love them all!

Aaaah, Resident Evil games - what's not to love about them - horror, gore, action and the best characters in the survival horror universe. 

If you are a fan of the badass females in the Resident Evil franchise, you're in luck! Today we give you the "Which Resident Evil heroine are you" quiz ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Ready? Let's go!

What is your preferred weapon of choice?
Handgun Shotgun Assault rifle Knife Explosives
How do you typically approach dangerous situations?
Head-on Stealthily With backup With caution With humor
How do you prefer to move around?
Running Walking Crawling Jumping Driving
How do you prefer to handle puzzles?
With brute force With logic and reasoning With trial and error With intuition With teamwork
What is your preferred method of communication?
Direct and to the point Witty and sarcastic Compassionate and understanding Quiet and reserved Brash and confident
What is your attitude towards authority?
Respectful and obedient Rebellious and defiant Adaptable and willing to compromise Ambivalent or indifferent Suspicious or distrusting
How do you typically dress?
Practical and functional Fashionable and trendy Conservative and professional Casual and comfortable Revealing and seductive
What is your primary motivation for fighting?
Duty and honor Personal gain or revenge Protecting others or seeking justice Survival Power and domination
What is your preferred environment?
Urban and industrial areas Natural and outdoor environments Underground or confined spaces High-tech or futuristic settings Gothic or supernatural settings
What is your attitude towards risk-taking?
Always willing to take risks Will take risks if necessary Avoids unnecessary risks Cautious and risk-averse Thrives on taking risks
What is your preferred method of attack?
Melee combat Ranged combat Sneak attacks Traps and environmental hazards Mind control or manipulation
How do you feel about working with a partner?
Prefer to work alone Will work with a partner if necessary Enjoy working with a partner Find it difficult to work with a partner Will only work with someone you trust completely
What is your leadership style?
Authoritative and commanding Collaborative and inclusive Laissez-faire or hands-off Supportive and empowering Visionary and inspiring
How do you react under pressure?
Stay calm and focused Panic or freeze up Become angry or irritable Become indecisive or uncertain Become hyper-focused or obsessive
How do you handle difficult decisions?
Make quick, decisive choices Gather information and analyze the situation Seek advice from others Avoid making decisions whenever possible Trust your instincts and make decisions based on intuition
What is your greatest strength?
Physical prowess Intelligence and knowledge Charisma and social skills Adaptability and resilience Willpower and determination
What is your greatest weakness?
Impulsive behavior Overthinking or analysis paralysis Trusting others too easily Fear or anxiety Arrogance or hubris
How do you handle failure?
Learn from it and move on Blame others or external factors Become discouraged or give up Become angry or lash out Use it as motivation to improve and succeed next time
What is your preferred method of escape?
Running Hiding Fighting Using gadgets or technology Negotiation or persuasion
What is your relationship with technology?
Comfortable and familiar with it Distrustful or wary of it Excited and enthusiastic about it Indifferent or apathetic towards it Have a love-hate relationship with it
How do you handle betrayal?
Seek revenge or justice Cut ties and move on Try to work things out and forgive Become guarded or closed off Use it as an opportunity to learn and grow
What is your preferred method of problem-solving?
Trial and error Logical reasoning Creative brainstorming Intuition or gut feelings Collaboration and teamwork
What is your biggest fear?
Failure or defeat Losing control or being manipulated Being alone or isolated Death or mortality Betrayal or being hurt by someone you trust
What is your personal code of ethics?
Upholding the law and rules Doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals Compassion and empathy for others Self-preservation and survival Pursuit of personal power or glory
What is your ultimate goal or purpose?
Protecting and serving others Seeking revenge or justice Discovering the truth or solving a mystery Surviving against all odds Gaining power or domination over others

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