What's Your Online Shopping Addiction Level? 🛍️💻📦

Unveil the shopper within you!

Photo by Tarun Dhiman on Unsplash

Step into the world of virtual storefronts and discover your online shopping addiction level.

Answer the following six questions to unveil the shopper within you.


🛍️ How often do you find yourself browsing online stores?
Multiple times a day, can't resist checking for new deals.Daily, it's become a regular habit.A few times a week, when there's something specific in mind.Rarely, only when I need to make necessary purchases.
💻 What do you enjoy the most about online shopping?
The convenience of shopping from the comfort of home.The vast selection and variety of products available.The thrill of finding great deals and discounts.I don't particularly enjoy online shopping.
📦 How do you feel after making an online purchase?
Excited and satisfied, can't wait for the package to arrive.Content, knowing I found what I needed.Anxious about spending money, even if it's on something necessary.Guilty, especially if it's an impulsive buy.
🛍️ How much time do you spend scrolling through online stores in one session?
Hours, easily lost in the world of virtual shopping.Around 30 minutes to an hour, just browsing for fun.10 to 20 minutes, efficiently searching for specific items.I prefer not to spend too much time shopping online.
💻 What's your reaction to online shopping ads and promotions?
I can't resist clicking on them and checking out the deals.I find them interesting and may explore the offers.I'm cautious and check if it's genuinely a good deal.I tend to ignore them and focus on what I need.
📦 How often do you make impulsive purchases while online shopping?
Almost every time, I just can't resist.Occasionally, especially if it's a great deal.Rarely, only when something really catches my eye.Never, I'm very mindful of my purchases.

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