What's Your Video Game Skill Level? 🎮🏆

Find out where you stand on the gaming expertise scale

Discover your gaming prowess with this quiz that determines your video game skill level.

Answer the following eight questions to find out where you stand on the gaming expertise scale.


🎮 How much time do you spend playing video games on an average day?
Less than an hour.1 to 3 hours.More than 3 hours.
🏆 In multiplayer games, what role do you usually prefer to take on?
The support role.The balanced role.The aggressive role.
🎮 How often do you play games with challenging difficulty levels?
Rarely, I prefer casual experiences.Occasionally, for a moderate challenge.Frequently, I enjoy a high level of difficulty.
🏆 When it comes to competitive gaming, how confident do you feel?
Not very confident, I avoid competitive play.Moderately confident, I play sometimes.Very confident, I enjoy competitive matches.
🎮 How do you approach strategy-based games?
I prefer action and fast-paced gameplay.I enjoy a mix of strategy and action.I love planning and strategic thinking.
🏆 How often do you explore and complete side quests in open-world games?
Rarely, I focus on the main storyline.Sometimes, if they seem interesting.Always, I love exploring every corner.
🎮 How skilled are you in solving puzzles in puzzle-based games?
Not very skilled, I struggle with puzzles.Moderately skilled, I can solve some puzzles.Highly skilled, puzzles are my favorite challenge.
🏆 How do you handle gaming under pressure or in difficult situations?
I get flustered and make more mistakes.I remain focused but may feel some pressure.I thrive under pressure and perform well.

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