Would You Be a Witch If You Lived in The Middle Ages?

Discover whether you would be guilty of witchcraft if you lived in The Dark Ages

Photo credit: Enrique Meseguer/Pixabay

Witchcraft had been illegal since 1563 and hundreds of women were accused of being witches and punished for that. 

Those accused of witchcraft tended to be eccentric individuals who stood out from people around them in some way.   Often for 'proof' of being a witch were used an eleventh finger, third nipple or birthmark. Even owning a cat could get a woman in trouble.

Discover whether you would be guilty of witchcraft if you lived in medieval times:

How would you describe your personality?
Independent and strong-willed.Curious and knowledgeable.Intuitive and perceptive.Compassionate and nurturing.Mysterious and enigmatic.
What is your relationship with nature?
I feel deeply connected to the natural world.I have a strong affinity for plants and herbs.I sense energies and vibrations in the environment.I enjoy spending time outdoors and nurturing living things.Nature holds secrets and mysteries that intrigue me.
How do you handle conflicts or challenges?
I confront them head-on with determination.I seek knowledge and explore different perspectives.I trust my instincts and intuition.I approach them with empathy and seek resolutions.I tap into my inner power and intuition to overcome them.
What interests you the most?
Ancient rituals and spiritual practices.Studying the natural world and its mysteries.Divination and understanding hidden meanings.Healing and helping others.Delving into the realms of magic and the unknown.
How do you perceive the supernatural?
It exists and can be harnessed for personal power.It is a source of wisdom and hidden knowledge.It is a natural part of the world we live in.It can be used for healing and protection.It holds secrets and power that can be unlocked.
How do you connect with your intuition?
Through meditation and personal reflection.By observing patterns and seeking deeper understanding.By trusting my gut feelings and inner knowing.By listening to others and understanding their needs.By exploring alternative states of consciousness.
How do you feel about societal norms and expectations?
I question and challenge them.I seek to understand their origins and purpose.I often find myself going against them.I value harmony and aim to support others.I see them as limiting and prefer to embrace individuality.
How do you handle secrets and confidential information?
I can keep them with absolute trustworthiness.I understand the importance of discretion and privacy.I have a knack for uncovering hidden truths.I respect the privacy of others and maintain confidences.I have my own share of secrets and mysteries.
How do you perceive the power of words?
I believe in the power of spells and incantations.I see words as conduits of knowledge and understanding.I sense the energy and intentions behind spoken words.I use words to provide comfort and healing.Words have a mystical quality that fascinates me.
How do you feel about solitude and introspection?
I enjoy spending time alone and find it rejuvenating.I cherish quiet moments for contemplation and learning.I seek solitude to connect with my inner wisdom.I use solitude to recharge and reflect on how I can help others.Solitude allows me to tap into my own power and intuition.
How do you approach the unknown or unexplained?
I embrace it as an opportunity for growth and discovery.I seek knowledge and understanding to demystify it.I trust my instincts and explore its hidden meanings.I approach it with compassion and seek to provide support.I see it as a gateway to the realms of magic and wonder.
How do you feel about unconventional practices or beliefs?
I am open-minded and willing to explore different paths.I seek to understand their origins and underlying principles.I resonate with unconventional practices and follow my own path.I am accepting and supportive of diverse beliefs and practices.I am drawn to the unconventional and embrace alternative perspectives.
How do you perceive your personal power?
I believe in my ability to manifest and shape my reality.I see knowledge and understanding as a source of power.I trust my intuition and inner guidance for personal empowerment.I believe in the power of compassion and helping others.I sense a deeper power within me that is waiting to be unlocked.
How do you approach healing or wellness?
I believe in the power of energy and holistic approaches.I seek knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.I trust my intuition and energy for healing purposes.I offer comfort, empathy, and support to promote healing.I see healing as a multifaceted journey that includes spiritual aspects.
How do you view the connection between the physical and spiritual realms?
I see them as intertwined and influencing each other.I explore the spiritual to gain a deeper understanding of the physical.I sense a spiritual essence that permeates the physical world.I view them as interconnected and seek harmony between the two.I believe in the existence of unseen forces that shape the physical realm.

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