13 Harmful Thoughts to Banish Immediately

These thoughts lead to nothing good, in fact they lead to nothing - throw them away

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We all often fall prey to our own negative thoughts, letting them take up permanent residence in our minds and even feeding them black scenarios and additional details. These thoughts do not lead to anything good, in fact they lead to nothing. They only spoil our mood and make us gloomy and negative.

It is clear to all that these thoughts are harmful and need to be banished to make way for positive thoughts and beliefs. The hardest part of all, however, turns out to be "catching" them, realizing that we have fallen into the trap of bad thoughts and quite purposefully expelling them. Today I give you 13 specific thoughts to banish right now.

"What if..."

Usually, "what if..." brings something negative in its wake - "What if something bad happens," "What if I get sick," "What if it's all over," "What if I get badmouthed," "What if nothing good comes my way," "What if I fail." The moment you catch yourself having these thoughts invading your head, replace them with their opposites - "What if something good happens", "What if something new starts", "What if I do brilliantly", "What if only good things await me", "What if I succeed".

"I'll fail"

As Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can, or that you can't - you're right." The thought of failure has no place in your mind because all it can do is lead. Let go of it and don't allow yourself to doubt yourself.

"It doesn't make sense"

There is always meaning. And you know it perfectly well. When we are overwhelmed with despair or can't see the light in the tunnel, however, this harmful thought tries to have its way. If you catch it, eliminate it directly - as long as you are breathing it makes sense, if you woke up this morning it makes sense, if you are there it makes sense.

"I'm not good/smart/beautiful/skinny/successful enough..."

Let's get this straight once and for all - there is always someone who is smarter, prettier, more successful, richer... the list of comparisons could go on forever. However, whether that someone will be happier is up to you. And the first and most important step to happiness is to never compare yourself. So as soon as you feel such a thought making its way in, chase it away.

"I'm scared"

Fear can sometimes be useful - when it comes to a threatening situation where an appropriate response is required. But in all other cases, fear is unnecessary - it poisons our thoughts, stiffens our bodies and certainly prevents us from being happy. Writer Chris Prentice says that each of us possesses as much courage as our greatest fear. According to him, being afraid means not being completely confident in the positive outcome of any event. Try to be confident about it.

"With my bad luck..."

"Why always me", "Why me every time", "Why does it have to be hard"... these types of thoughts are some of the most damaging and show strongly that you perceive yourself as a victim. This perception is among the most harmful and must be eradicated immediately. If you feel such thoughts coming over you, banish them. You do not need them, you are not a victim. On the contrary, you are a person of incredible luck.

"Nothing good awaits me"

"Nothing good will follow", "I expect a deterioration", "Things are going badly", "The crisis is deepening"... Stop for a moment and think if this is really the case. And how do you know it is so. Unless you are a prophet or have a time machine, it is absolutely impossible to predict what will happen. That means it's up to you and you alone to expect something bad or something good. Replace your negative expectations with positive ones and see what happens.

"I can only do that much"

The only person who can limit you is yourself. You set your limit and you don't allow yourself to go over it, just because... you decided to. And whether you can't a little more than you think. And whether you can't do a lot more than you think. The only way to know the answer is to check. Cut out these types of limiting thoughts and allow yourself to believe. You will be surprised how much more you can do.

"It's not for me"/"I don't deserve it"

Have you heard the line "it's for others/the young/the rich/the brave/the strong/the beautiful/the successful..." And worse - have you uttered that line? Have you ever given up on something you want or dream of just because somewhere in there you allowed the thought that it wasn't right for you, or rather, that you weren't right for it, that you didn't deserve it? Well, let me put it to you this way - if you want it and dream about it, then it is for you. Don't give up on your happiness. And banish any thought that your dream is unsuitable for you or that you don't deserve happiness. You deserve all the love, happiness, support, joy, freedom and dreams you dream of. And they are just right for you.

"I give up"

This is another manifestation of the same thought. The truth is that your path to a dream or anything else only ends when you give up. It is up to you and you alone when it will end. Will you give up because of the first small setback or are you willing to endure whatever is waiting for you on the path to your dream? You decide. But remember - nothing is over if you haven't given up on it.

"It's impossible"

They say there are no impossible things and that as long as you want something badly, it will happen. The next time the thought crosses your mind that something you want is impossible, try replacing it with its opposite. Allow your dreams to be possible, even if only in your mind. And try.

"I shouldn't have"

The past is insidious. We all know full well that we don't have the power to change it, yet we waste much of our so precious time regretting things we did or didn't do in our past. Do you find yourself regretting an opportunity you missed or a wrong thing you did? The next time those thoughts come rushing in, banish them! Time spent regretting the past is time wasted. Do not waste yours.

"Never will..."

This is the same as regretting the past, only it concerns the future. Sounds paradoxical, doesn't it - regretting something that will happen or that won't happen. But nevertheless, all of us have done it. If there's a thought that equals the most damaging habit, it's probably this one. Clear your mind of pessimistic expectations and predictions about how something or everything will fail. Trust life and enjoy it. Let it show you what's coming.

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