6 Positive Phrases That Will Change Your Life

It is possible to unconsciously get yourself into trouble, especially if you have a habit of affirming harmful thoughts. Here's what to replace them with

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The concept of affirmations is both easy to understand and practical to apply in everyone's life. It states that every phrase we repeat often, sooner or later becomes a truth for us. Or put another way, we attract the things we think about. And the more we think and talk about something, the more certain it is that we will attract it.

However, this is why we have to be extremely careful with affirmations. It is possible to unconsciously get ourselves into trouble, especially if we are in the habit of affirming harmful thoughts. Here's an example - think about whether you often repeat aloud or out loud any of the following or any other negative phrase: "Bad things happen to me all the time", "I'm unlucky", "Too good is not good", "If something can go wrong, it will surely go wrong", "I attract losers", "Happiness is expensive"...and many, many more harmful thoughts.

To attract happiness and peace into your life, try triggering the Law of Attraction by consciously discarding the negative and making way for positive affirmations. We offer you six different positive thoughts or mantras that cover different areas in life. All you have to do is repeat them to yourself often by heart or in conversation with someone - you can do it in the morning while you're still in bed, at night before falling asleep, while driving or waiting for the bus, during a boring work meeting, or whenever you think of it. The important thing is to remind yourself of them at least a few times every day. Invariably, these phrases will become part of your thinking and enter into your communication with others. And that will make them happy too. Give it a try, you might be happy...

"Every day I improve in every way"

This affirmation is known as the "Coue Method". The French pharmacist and psychotherapist Emile Coue is credited with pioneering the method of conscious self-impulsion. In the early 20th century, he gained extraordinary popularity with the phrase "Every day I get better in every way". He discovered that patients healed much faster if they repeated this affirmation to themselves for a few minutes every morning and evening. His works have enjoyed sensational success, and he says that he has not cured anyone, he has just shown people how they can heal.

Whether his phrase really heals, we don't know. What is certain, however, is that it will fill our day with positivity and faith, and repeating it at night will put us to sleep with a smile.

"I'm incredibly lucky"

One thing is for sure - if you keep telling yourself that you are unlucky, the chance of anything changing is minimal. If you tell yourself that you are lucky often enough, and even share it with others, it is possible that at some point you will believe this statement so much that you will subtly start to attract luck into your life.

"Dreams do come true"

Have you ever shared a crazy dream with someone, such as winning the lottery, buying an island or going to the moon, and had them laugh at you in response. It's probably happened to everyone. But who says bold dreams are impossible or only for kids? Dream boldly and remind yourself sometimes that dreams actually do come true.

"It's okay"

This is a particularly powerful phrase that can help you in any situation. Call it out in your mind every time you need it - when you make a mistake, during a stressful situation, when you are sad or confused, when you are frustrated, when you are afraid, and when you are bored... And one more thing - always say it to anyone you feel needs to hear it. It may be a cliché, but sometimes nothing comforts us like hearing that everything will be okay.

"My subconscious is my partner in success"

This phrase belongs to world-renowned Canadian mentor, author and philanthropist John Kehoe. According to him, this mantra is meant to strengthen our intuition and get our subconscious mind to give us the answers we are searching hard for. "The mere repetition of this affirmation triggers oscillations of energy that will help you achieve your goal", Kehoe writes in his book, "The subconscious can do anything"..

"Life is good and I'm happy"

Short, clear and right on target. At this point, you may not feel particularly happy or find life to be very nice. Even so, do what everyone who is involved in self-improvement advises. Pretend. Pretend you believe this thought if you can't possibly accept it at the moment. Just keep telling yourself that. "Life is good and I am happy!" You may inadvertently believe it

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