Eight Rules for a Happy Relationship

Relationships with people are a complicated thing, but when you're with the right person, everything is easier

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Relationships with people are a complicated thing, but when you're with the right person, everything is easier. There are different perceptions and rules for building a successful relationship. The main one is based on compromise and mutual respect.

These are all important and lay the foundation for a deep relationship. However, there are a few rules on how to keep your relationship happy and communicate with ease with the other. And here they are:

💚 The two of you should not be angry at the same time

Always one should remain calm to balance the other's anger. If your lover has had a nerve-wracking and exhausting day at work, it's important that you stay balanced and calm. Conversely, if you're going through a difficult time, it's best to be understanding and supportive. The secret is balance. Always let the other person experience their difficult moments and be the calm and secure support for them.

💚 Don't blame yourself for past mistakes

Many couples resort to this ploy during an argument. The reason is that nobody likes to be criticized in the first place and when this happens, we start bringing out other people's mistakes in the open, probably to avoid admitting our fault in the particular case. The truth is that the past should remain exactly there - in the past. It is pointless to blame past scandals and mistakes because they rarely have anything to do with the present. And one more thing - it is possible that your beloved has learned from his mistake or made up for it. Tension can only frustrate him and reopen old and resolved arguments.

💚 Never shout unless the house is on fire

Keeping a calm tone is one of the most difficult endeavors, especially if you or your other half are more short-tempered. That's when it's really important, though. When we shout, we lose control of ourselves and our behavior and it's very possible that we say things we don't even mean and hurt the person we love. Shouting during an argument becomes a habit for many people and they gradually forget how to communicate calmly, kindly and affectionately. So whatever happens, always try not to raise your tone unless the house is on fire...

💚 If one of you should win the argument, let it be the other

Sometimes you have to choose between being right and being happy. Which would you choose? Too often we argue with our loved ones about various topics that no one really cares about. We just insist on being right. The inability to lose can be devastating to any relationship. The next time you have an argument like this, try to think about how much you really want to come out of it right. And try something new - let the other person win. For you, the reward will be greater - your own happiness.

💚 When you make a mistake, be ready to admit it and apologize

We all make mistakes and if you haven't accepted it yet, it's about time you did. You're entitled to make mistakes, just like your mate, just like everyone else in the world. Don't be ashamed of your mistakes. They always bring with them valuable lessons. Learn to accept them, admit them and apologize for them. Go even further. Learn to apologize for other people's mistakes too. That way, you're sure to enjoy a happy relationship.

💚 Ignore the whole world if you have to, but don't ignore your mate

One of the main reasons for breakups is rooted in neglect. The routine turns you around, you're busy, you don't have time, conversations become monotonous, sometimes boring, and we end up just drifting apart. We drift so far apart that we don't remember how to reach each other anymore. Don't let that happen. Don't neglect your loved one and always make time for them. That is really important.

💚 Never go to bed scolded

Every fight is unpleasant, no matter what time of day it happens. But one of the most bitter feelings is going to bed scolded with your loved one. Make a rule never to go to bed scolded and stick to it. Don't let yourself fall asleep overcome with sadness or anger. It would be much more pleasant to fall asleep in a warm embrace.

💚 Compliment each other at least once a day

If you sit down now to make a list of everything you like and love about your loved one, the list will probably be long. Once you compile it, you're guaranteed to feel truly happy to have this person by your side. However, he will feel twice as happy if you take the time to point out at least one of his great qualities every day. What better way to start the day than "I adore your smile" and what more enjoyable way to catch up than "you're really great".

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