What were you like in your previous life?

Have you ever thought about who you were before getting reincarnated?

Photo credit: Karin Henseler/Pixabay

Do you believe in reincarnation? if the answer is yes, you know the soul continues beyond death.

Have you ever wondered who were you in your past life?

Take this quiz to find out!

How would you describe your personality in this life?
Bold and adventurousKind and empatheticIntelligent and analyticalIndependent and self-sufficientCreative and imaginative
What is your favorite hobby or activity?
Traveling or exploring new placesVolunteering or helping othersReading or learning new thingsWorking on personal projects or goalsEngaging in artistic or expressive pursuits
How do you approach problem-solving?
With a fearless and experimental mindsetBy considering the needs and feelings of othersWith careful analysis and planningBy relying on your own instincts and intuitionBy using your creativity and intuition to find unique solutions
How do you feel about change?
You crave it and seek it out constantlyYou approach it with an open mind and willingness to adaptYou prefer stability and routine, but can handle change if necessaryYou see it as an opportunity for growth and evolutionYou find it challenging, but ultimately embrace it as part of life's journey
How do you feel about authority figures?
You don't like to be told what to do and often challenge authorityYou respect those in authority and follow their leadYou prefer to work independently, but will follow orders if necessaryYou question authority when it conflicts with your own beliefs or valuesYou see authority as a necessary evil and try to navigate it carefully
How do you approach relationships with others?
You value independence and freedom above all elseYou prioritize the needs and feelings of others above your ownYou approach relationships with a logical and rational mindsetYou prefer deeper, more intense connections with a select fewYou approach relationships with a creative and imaginative mindset
What is your favorite type of music?
Rock or alternativePop or folkClassical or instrumentalElectronic or experimentalJazz or blues
What is your favorite type of food?
Spicy or exoticComfort food or sweetsHealthy or organicAnything homemade or from scratchGourmet or fancy cuisine
How do you handle failure?
You see it as a necessary part of growth and keep pushing forwardYou feel devastated and need time to recoverYou analyze it and try to learn from your mistakesYou blame others or external factors for your failureYou try to approach failure with a creative and unconventional mindset
What is your dream job or career?
Something adventurous and daring, like a professional athlete or stunt performerSomething in the helping professions, like a social worker or nurseSomething in the sciences or technology, like a researcher or engineerSomething entrepreneurial or self-employed, like a business owner or freelancerSomething in the creative arts, like a writer or artist
How do you handle stress?
By taking risks and embracing challenges head-onBy seeking support from loved ones or trusted friendsBy using logic and analysis to calm yourself downBy relying on your own instincts and intuitionBy finding creative and innovative ways to cope with stress
What is your favorite animal?
A lion or tigerA dog or catA bird or reptileA wolf or foxA dolphin or whale
What is your favorite type of weather?
Sunny and warmRainy and cozySnowy and magicalWindy and wildMisty and mysterious
What is your favorite season?
SummerAutumnWinterSpringNone of the above
How do you feel about spirituality and religion?
You are very spiritual and open to different beliefs and practicesYou find comfort in religion and have a strong faithYou are skeptical of spirituality and religion, but open to exploringYou prefer to rely on logic and reason over spirituality or religionYou approach spirituality and religion with a creative and unconventional mindset
What is your favorite type of book?
Adventure or thrillerRomance or dramaNon-fiction or biographyPhilosophy or self-helpFantasy or Sci-Fi
What is your favorite color?
Red or orangePink or purpleBlue or greenBlack or whiteGold or silver
What is your favorite mode of transportation?
Car or motorcycleBicycle or walkingPublic transportation or trainsAirplane or flyingBoats or ships
What is your favorite movie or TV genre?
Action or adventureRomance or dramaDocumentary or educationalComedy or satireFantasy or Sci-Fi
What is your ideal way to spend a day off?
Exploring or trying new activitiesSpending time with loved ones or volunteeringRelaxing and reading or learning something newWorking on personal projects or goalsEngaging in artistic or expressive pursuits

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