Which "The Last of Us" character are you?

Are you ready?

Photo credit: Denny Müller/Unsplash

Today, we're throwing you into the dark universe of "Thе Lаѕt оf Uѕ" 😨

Whether you're a fan of the game or a fan of the HBO series, you'll be curious to know which character from the popular series you have the most in common with!

Are you ready? Let's get started!

How would you describe your personality?
Brave and determinedCompassionate and caringResourceful and adaptableIndependent and self-reliantIntelligent and analyticalLoyal and protective
What is your preferred weapon of choice?
ShotgunBow and arrowRevolverMacheteSniper rifleBaseball bat
How do you handle difficult situations?
Confront them head-onSeek peaceful resolutionsFind clever solutionsRely on your own instinctsAnalyze the situation and plan accordinglyPut yourself at risk to protect others
What motivates you the most?
Seeking justiceProtecting loved onesSurvival and adaptationIndependence and freedomAcquiring knowledge and understandingLoyalty and camaraderie
How do you approach relationships?
Form strong bonds with a few close individualsCare deeply for everyone you meetBuild relationships based on mutual benefitsPrefer to be self-reliantValue intellectual connectionsStay fiercely loyal to your allies
What role do you usually take in a group?
LeaderMediatorStrategistLone wolfIntellectual advisorProtector
How do you handle loss and grief?
Channel your emotions into actionSeek solace in the support of othersAdapt and find new purposeProcess it aloneAnalyze and understand the reasons behind itStay strong for others while grieving in private
What is your preferred method of transportation?
On footHorsebackMotorcycleBicycleCarStealthy movement
How do you feel about taking risks?
Embrace them without hesitationWeigh the pros and cons before decidingTake calculated risks for the greater goodEnjoy the thrill of taking risksAssess the risks carefully and plan accordinglyTake risks to protect those you care about
What is your greatest strength?
How do you handle betrayal?
Seek revengeTry to understand the reasons behind itAdapt and find new alliesCut ties and move onAnalyze the situation and make calculated decisionsForgive but remain cautious
What is your view on the state of the world?
It needs to be changed for the betterIt's important to find hope amidst the chaosIt's a harsh and unforgiving placeIt's a world of survival of the fittestIt's complex and requires understandingIt's a place where loyalty is crucial
How do you react to unexpected challenges?
Face them head-on with determinationSeek support and advice from othersQuickly adapt and find creative solutionsRely on your own skills and instinctsAnalyze the situation and strategize a planPut yourself at risk to protect others
What is your approach to survival?
Willing to make tough choices for the greater goodPrioritize the well-being of others over yourselfUtilize your resourcefulness to overcome obstaclesReliant on your own skills and instinctsAcquire knowledge and adapt to different situationsWilling to sacrifice yourself for the ones you care about
How do you deal with adversity?
Face it head-on with bravery and determinationFind strength in the support of othersUtilize your intelligence to navigate through challengesRely on your independence and self-relianceAnalyze the situation and develop a strategic planPut yourself at risk to protect those you care about

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