Brooklyn or Upper East Side - Where Would You Live in the 'Gossip Girl' Universe?

Unveil your ideal "Gossip Girl" address!

"Gossip Girl" takes us into the contrasting worlds of Brooklyn and the Upper East Side.

Which of these iconic New York City locations best fits your lifestyle and personality? Are you drawn to the artistic and bohemian spirit of Brooklyn, or do you thrive amidst the extravagant and sophisticated social scene of the Upper East Side?

This quiz will unveil your ideal "Gossip Girl" address.

🏡🌳 Your dream home features:
An artsy loft with exposed brick wallsA charming brownstone with a small gardenA modern penthouse with stunning city viewsA spacious classic mansion with a grand entranceA sleek and stylish high-rise apartment
🎨📚 Your ideal way to spend the weekend is:
Exploring local art galleries and craft fairsReading books in a cozy coffee shopAttending a glamorous gala or social eventHosting an extravagant dinner partyEnjoying cocktails at a chic rooftop bar
🚴🍻 Your preferred mode of transportation is:
A vintage bicycle to explore the neighborhoodWalking, taking in the sights at your own paceA luxury car, chauffeured around townA private chauffeured limousineHailing a stylish taxi or rideshare
🍴🌆 Dining out, you enjoy:
Cozy, hole-in-the-wall restaurants with unique flavorsQuaint and charming local eateriesUpscale restaurants with an extravagant menuLavish and exclusive private dining clubsTrendy and upscale fusion cuisine spots
🌲📷 Your favorite Instagram photo would be of:
A colorful mural or street art in your neighborhoodA beautiful bookshop or libraryA glamorous event or red carpet momentA lavish dinner table with fine china and crystalThe stunning skyline from a luxurious rooftop
💃💄 Your ideal evening attire is:
Bohemian and artsy with unique accessoriesCasual and comfortable with a touch of vintageHigh-fashion designer clothing and accessoriesElegant and sophisticated in formal attireTrendy and chic, embracing the latest fashion
🎶🍸 Your nightlife preferences lean towards:
Live music venues and indie bandsCozy jazz clubs and acoustic setsExclusive VIP nightclub experiencesLavish gala events and charity fundraisersTrendy bars and high-end mixology
🌿🏝️ Your ideal weekend escape involves:
Camping in a nearby state parkA quiet beach vacation with a good bookA luxury getaway to a tropical paradiseA grand European tour with cultural explorationExploring an exotic city with a vibrant nightlife
📱🕊️ Your preferred form of social media expression is:
Sharing your artistic creations and unique findsPosting thoughtful and introspective quotesShowcasing your glamorous lifestyle and eventsDisplaying the exquisite details of your extravagant lifeStaying current with the latest fashion and trends

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