Everyone Comes into Your Life for a Reason...10 Types of People The Universe Will Send Your Way

Everyone you meet leaves a mark on you - some change you, some make you better, some come to teach you a lesson, and some are there just when you need them most

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We all meet many people in our lives. Some leave quickly and don't even seem to leave a memory, others stay longer, and others - forever.

The truth is that everyone you meet actually leaves a mark on you - some change you, others make you better or come to teach you something, and others are there just when you need them most, as if someone really sent them especially for you. Today we're talking about the ten types of people we most often meet in our lives, and of course there are many more besides:

Those who bring you harsh lessons

These are the people who break your heart. The ones who make you suffer. You meet them, and then they hurt you - some will betray you, some will abandon you, and some will bring you tension and stress. But the truth is, you will learn valuable lessons from all of them that will shape you as a person. Perhaps you will learn to choose carefully who you trust or who you become attached to, perhaps you will begin to choose your surroundings more carefully and bet on people with whom you feel comfortable.

Those who teach you to love

Surely, you will meet at least one person in your life for whom you will learn to love. It could be your spouse, a close friend, a beloved relative, or someone you meet by chance. But it will be a person worth loving. He is the one who will teach you to open your heart, even if it has been broken.

Those who remain

You may be someone who is quick to jump into new relationships, likes to change friends and halves, and rarely stays in the same company. Even so, there's probably still someone in your life who's a constant. Most often this person is part of the family, but in many cases is a good friend or loved one. You'll recognize them easily - they've always been there for you, and no matter what happens, no matter what separates you, they always seems to find their way to you. If this person hasn't shown up yet, maybe you are about to meet them. You will recognize them in time, when you realize they have stayed.

Those who wake you up

It doesn't have to be people close to you, it could be anyone. It could be the nervous driver who startles you with his horn and reminds you to "wake up" and be more careful, it could be the colleague at work with whom you don't get along and for whom you leave and take a new path - your path. It could be a loved one who opens your eyes to something you've long refused to see, or it could just be the salesperson who smiles at you and you realize how long it's been since you've smiled at anyone.

Those you want to be like

Let's not kid ourselves - all of us have wanted to emulate someone at least a little bit. And there's nothing wrong with that, as long as it's within reason. Appreciate the people around you and their qualities. And feel free to appropriate all those qualities you admire so much. If you appreciate someone's courtesy, generosity, kindness, patience, sharp mind, or any other quality, make it yours to master as well. You will certainly become a better person.

Those who are in the right place at the right time

These are all those people who show up just when we need them the most. It could be the lady who gave you a checkout line at the store when you were in a terrible mood. It could be your relative who gave you money when you needed it most. It could be that friend who called when you were most unhappy. It could be that special someone you met just after you gave up on love. Sometimes these people appear fleetingly, as if only to fulfill a mission, and other times they stay for a long time. You'll know them by the fact that they always hit the right time and place to show up.

Those who need you 

We all have a need to be useful - some to a greater degree, others to a lesser degree. That's why fate sends us people who need us. Sometimes it's our children, or our parents, but it could be any other person. It could be our friend, a stranger, someone near or far. Be there for them when you recognize them and feel it is the right thing to do.

Those who change you 

Among the hundreds of people we meet, some have a more serious impact on us. They change us and help build us up. No one goes through life without meeting at least one such person. And we need them - we will probably become better, more confident, smarter, wiser after meeting them... The list is long, but one thing is clear - we will change to become the person we need to be.

Those who remind you who you are 

They are among the most precious people in life. We all change, but sometimes it's possible to get off track - to get caught up in change and lose sight of our values and who we are. Then these people come along - in one way or another they remind us of who we were and who we are. Our job then is to decide if we want to stay the same.

Those who are your home 

Have you ever felt at home with a person wherever you go? That person always seems to bring you comfort and peace. When they are around, you just know that everything is going to be okay. With them, you go through the storms of life stoically because you always have a home to come home to. Hold on tight to this person, they are probably the most precious one you will ever meet. 

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