What Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Are You?

Are you a Peralta, a Santiago, a Holt, a Rosa, a Boyle, a Gina, a Terry, a Hitchcock, or a Scully?

Are you a Peralta, a Santiago, a Holt, a Rosa, a Boyle, a Gina, a Terry, a Hitchcock, or a Scully? This quiz will reveal which Brooklyn Nine-Nine character best matches your personality and quirks.

Get ready to join the squad!

What's your favorite way to spend your free time?
Solving mysteriesOrganizing everythingTraining for physical fitnessOutwitting othersPursuing unusual hobbiesHanging out with friendsGetting lost in thoughtIndulging in snacksLounging around
How do you handle stressful situations?
With humor and witBy staying organizedStaying calm and composedEmbracing your tough sideBy doing your own thingMaking quirky commentsSeeking support from friendsEating comfort foodBeing oblivious to stress
What's your relationship status?
Single and ready to mingleIn a committed relationshipFocused on your careerA bit of a lonerEmbracing your independenceA little unpredictableHappily marriedForever snackingNot sure, don't care
What's your go-to catchphrase?
"Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, no doubt, no doubt, no doubt.""Attention to detail is key.""Nine-Nine!""I've got this.""Noice!""Noice to the max!""I love my life.""Food is life.""Hmm?"
Which word describes you best?
What's your preferred mode of transportation?
SkateboardBicycleWalkingMotorcycleUnconventionalWhatever's availableFamily carSnack cartYou forget where you parked
What's your greatest strength?
Quick thinkingAttention to detailDedicationToughnessCreativityUnpredictabilityLove for familyLove for foodForgetfulness
How do you feel about paperwork?
It's a necessary evilIt's the key to orderIt's part of the jobI'd rather be out in the fieldIt's not my styleI'd rather make jokes than do paperworkIt's manageableCan I eat it?What paperwork?
What's your spirit animal?
A slothAn owlA turtleA wolfA foxA unicornA bearA pandaA goldfish

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