Are You Feeling Depressed?

Remember that this quiz is not a substitute for professional advice ❗❗❗

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Mental health is essential, and understanding your feelings is the first step towards well-being.

Take this quiz to gain insights into your emotional state and whether you might be experiencing depression.

❗❗❗ Remember that this quiz is not a substitute for professional advice. If you have symptoms of depression and they are causing problems with your relationships, work, or family -- and there isn't a clear solution -- you should see a professional ❗❗❗

How have you been sleeping lately?
😴 I've been sleeping well, with no issues.😫 I've had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.😴 I've been sleeping excessively, feeling tired.😐 My sleep patterns have been irregular.
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
😁 I wake up feeling refreshed and positive.😖 I wake up with a sense of dread or anxiety.😔 I wake up feeling unmotivated or sad.😐 My mood varies when I wake up.
What's your energy level like during the day?
😃 I have good energy and enthusiasm.😓 I feel tired and drained most of the time.😞 I have low energy and struggle to stay motivated.😐 My energy levels fluctuate.
How would you describe your appetite recently?
😋 I have a healthy appetite and enjoy eating.😰 I've lost my appetite or have eating irregularities.😢 I've been overeating or eating for emotional comfort.😐 My appetite has been inconsistent.
Are you interested in activities you used to enjoy?
😄 I still find joy in my hobbies and interests.😥 I've lost interest in things I used to love.😞 I find it hard to get excited about anything.😐 My interest in activities has changed.
How do you view your future?
😊 I have a positive outlook on the future.😣 I feel hopeless or uncertain about what's ahead.😔 I struggle to see a bright future.😐 My feelings about the future are mixed.
How are your concentration and decision-making abilities?
🤓 I can concentrate and make decisions effectively.😰 I find it hard to concentrate or make choices.😞 My concentration and decision-making are impaired.😐 My abilities fluctuate.
Have you experienced thoughts of self-harm or suicide?
🙅‍♀️ No, I haven't had such thoughts.😥 Yes, I've had fleeting thoughts but no plans.😞 Yes, I've had persistent thoughts and some plans.😐 My thoughts have been unpredictable.

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